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Steeples and sunset

Rouen is probably one of the most beautiful town in France (although it was partly damaged during WWII)
It's also one of the most unknown.  You will find there some of the pictures of Rouen I have taken over the
years, and some comments on them.  Unfortunately, there's still a lot to do and many buildings and places
to shoot.

Rouen churches

The cathedral
In the cathedral
Saint-Ouen abbey
Saint Maclou
Aitre Saint Maclou
Saint Patrice
St Joan of Arc
Saint Laurent
Ursulines chapel
Saint Godard
Saint Jean Eudes
Saint André tower

Civil buildings

Gros Horloge
Law court
Hôtel Dieu / La Madeleine
Former town hall
Tourist agency
Fierté Saint Romain
Corneille high school
Hôtel de région
pénitents cloister
Joan of Arc tower
Rouen railway station
Rouen Zénith


Streets of Rouen - I
Streets of Rouen - II
Streets of Rouen -III
Rougemare square


Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde
Hôtel d'étancourt
Hôtel d'Hocqueville
At F. Marrou


Cathedral by night
Gros Horloge by night



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