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The "Sainte Jeanne d'Arc" church had to be built on a place that was rebuilt after world war II,
between the ruins of the Saint-Sauveur church and the Joan of Arc wooshed. Although, it must
obviously be a modern church, it had to display the XVIth century stainglasses that were previously
installed in the Saint-Vincent church (destroyed during the bombings).

Sainte Jeanne d'Arc
Sainte Jeanne d'Arc

Built in 1979 by LouisArretche, it evokes at the same time the wooshed flames and the Rouen
harbour life. A small market is hidden in one of the side of the building.

Stain glasses
Stain glasses

That church was also built in order to show the beautiful XVIth century stain glasses that were
hidden during the WWII bombings.

Stain glasses detail

Many details remind us of the catholic history or the classical churches (One column,
wood nave fish shaped windows etc.).

Wood nave
Wood nave

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