Objectif Rouen : Joan of Arc tower 

Civil buildings

Gros Horloge
Law court
Hôtel Dieu / La Madeleine
Former town hall
Tourist agency
Fierté Saint Romain
Corneille high school
Hôtel de région
pénitents cloister
Joan of Arc tower
Rouen railway station
Rouen Zénith

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Jeanne d'Arc tower
Joan of Arc tower

This tower is one of the last remains of the castle built in Rouen by Philippe-Auguste in 1204 and demolished by Henri IV in 1594.
Joan of Arc has never been jailed in that donjon but in another tower destroyed since, but she has been threaten to torture there.

It has been restaured during the XIXth century by the architect Desmarest and is topped by a finial designed by the famous Ferdinand Marrou.

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