Objectif Rouen : Cathedral by night 


Cathedral by night
Gros Horloge by night

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During the summers 2004 and 2005, the Skertzo company was in charge of the lighting of the Rouen cathedral.
Instead of highlighting the details of the cathedral they have decided to build a show based on one of the most famous representation of this cathedral, the Claude Monet's cathedrals serie.
This serie painted between 1892 and 1893 represents the Rouen cathedral at different time of the day and is one of the major Impressionist work of art.
This show projected some of these paintings on the original model.

Rouen cathedral

Rouen cathedral
Between the Monet paintings, more modern paintings were projected such as this pavings.

Rouen cathedral
One more Monet painting.

Rouen cathedral
And at the end a pointillist version.

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