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Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde
Hôtel d'étancourt
Hôtel d'Hocqueville
At F. Marrou

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Main courtyard
Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde (Main courtyard)

Built between 1505 and 1525 for Guillaume II, lord of Bourgtheroulde,
that building is composed of a beautiful gothic tower as well as
a nice renaissance arcade covered with precious low-reliefs (the Aumale arcade)

Aumale arcade : low-reliefs
Aumale arcade : low-reliefs detail

Ordered by Guillaume III in 1520, those sculpturs represent the "Drap d'Or" meeting
between François 1er and Henri VIIII, king of England.

Fenêtres, pinacles et meneaux
Courtyard facade

Heavily damaged by a bomb in 1944, that destroyed some low-reliefs, the Bourgtheroulde house was restaured between 1947 and 1951.

Low-reliefs detail

Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde (Facade)

Galerie d'Aumale
Aumale arcade

Galerie d'Aumale
Aumale arcade

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