Objectif Rouen : Gros Horloge 

Civil buildings

Gros Horloge
Law court
Hôtel Dieu / La Madeleine
Former town hall
Tourist agency
Fierté Saint Romain
Corneille high school
Hôtel de région
pénitents cloister
Joan of Arc tower
Rouen railway station
Rouen Zénith

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The Gros Horloge
Le Gros Horloge

The Gros Horloge is one of the main symbol of Rouen. Apart from its strange masculine noun, this monument
is noticeable first for its wonderful clock, but also for the rest of the building that was over the years a belfry and
the town hall The clock mechanism was build in 1389, but the clock became visible on both sides only in 1527,
when the renaissance arch, that sustains it, was rebuild.

Gros-Horloge and belfry
Gros-Horloge and belfry

The rest of the building was erected during the XIVth
century. A fountain was added to the building  in 1456, but the current one was finished in1733

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