Objectif Rouen : pénitents cloister 

Civil buildings

Gros Horloge
Law court
Hôtel Dieu / La Madeleine
Former town hall
Tourist agency
Fierté Saint Romain
Corneille high school
Hôtel de région
pénitents cloister
Joan of Arc tower
Rouen railway station
Rouen Zénith

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In 1612, The penitent monastic order was authorized to build in Rouen
several buildings and more specifically a cloister (achieved in 1625).

Penitents cloister

After several decades, this cloister was classified as an historical monument
(a french building classification) and was restaured in 1989 by the
architect Massimiliano Fuksas for the account Normandy district .

Penitent cloister

You can also notice the beautiful door of the visitors chamber.

Chambre de visite

The building hosts today the AREHN (Agence régionale de
l'environnement de Haute-Normandie), the Normandy
environmental agency

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