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Rouen churches

The cathedral
In the cathedral
Saint-Ouen abbey
Saint Maclou
Aitre Saint Maclou
Saint Patrice
St Joan of Arc
Saint Laurent
Ursulines chapel
Saint Godard
Saint Jean Eudes
Saint André tower

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Ridge turret
Ridge turret

The Rouen cathedral features a huge ridge turret that truns the center of the church into a
wonderful light well. The ridge turret is one of the main feature of the Norman gothic style.

Escalier des libraires
Escalier des libraires

The "Escalier des libraires" was built in 1471 in the cathedral north transept. Designed
by Guillaume Pontifs it was completed harmoniously in the XVIIIth century

The crypt
The crypt

Levelled down and filled in, the previous cathedral was rediscovered in 1935 and renovated after the
second world war. You can notice a clear water well that might have been used by the builders of the
cathedral. A wooden chest in a wall niche contains the heart of Charles V, king of France.

Tombeau de Georges d'Amboise
Tombeau de Georges d'Amboise

Roulland Le Roux and Pierre des Aubeaux designed thta beautiful tomb for the powerful cardinal Georges
d'Amboise that was found of the Italian Renaissance art. Allegorically the cardinal sustained by the virtues
and helped by his patron saints hopes to reach the Paradise by praying. Few years after his death, its
nephew the cardinal Georges II d'Amboise, moved the statue of his uncle to the left to install his own one...

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