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Rougemare square

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The Rougemare (Red pool) square name is due to a fight that took place
in that field close to Rouen during the Xth century. Between the XVth and the XVIIth centuries
that square (now contained within the town walls) was used as a horse market.

Saint-Louis chapel

In 1683, the Saint-Louis Bénédictines community built a new chapel,
designed by Charles Chamois. Deconsacred during the french Revolution, it had
been used by the french state police forces. Then, in 1818, it was used by one of the first
association dedicated to the junior schools education. At the end of the XIXth century,
the concerts that took place in that chapel saved it from the destruction.

Later it was used as a workshop, and then as a gymnasium. In 1957,
it was classified as an historical monument (a french building
classification). Since 1991, it hosts a theater.

Rougemare square house

Many people in Rouen associate the Rougemare square
with this XIXth century house and its surprising sculptures.

Sculpture details

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