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How to?

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This web site is divided into several categories, that correspond rougthly to various districts, centuries or events. A special category "Welcome" contains the summary, the contact page and various special pages such as this one.
Each page of a category is generally dedicated to a building or a specific place.
One can directly go back to the summary page by clicking on the "Objectif Rouen" link that is placed at the top of the page just before the page title.

Pour retourner au sommaire, cliquez sur le haut de la page.
Top of the page : page title and summary link

The left menu allows you to switch between the various categories available. In the following example, you are currently displaying a page contained in the "Eglises de Rouen" category, and you can switch freely to one of the other categories ("Accueil", "Les rues", etc.).

Left menu : category switch
Left menu : category switch

The right menu is based on the name of the current category followed by the names and the links to all the pages contained in this category.
In the following example, the category name is displayed, here the one dedicated to the "Croix-Rousse" district, followed by links to the various pages. The current page "Le bas des pentes" is displayed in bold.

Right menu : navigate in the category
Right menu : navigate in the category

The small box on the left side of the page allows you to go immediatly to the next or the preceding pages in the category (by clicking on the arrows), or a translation page if they exist. Anoter link brings you back to the top of the page.

Se promener dans le site
Wandering through the site...

The line at the bottom of the page allows you to get to special pages such as the summary page, the contact page, the legal mentions... The navigation arrows are also displayed there.

Pied de page
Page bottom line.

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