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Lyon opera house
Lyon opera house

A first theater was built here by Soufflot during the XVIIIth century. Nevertheless, the theater soon becames too small and the architects Chenavard and Pollet rebuild a brand new one in a neo-classical style in 1830.

Lyon opera house
Lyon opera house

At the end of the XXth century, for the same reasons Jean Nouvel was asked to renovate completely the opera house. He only kept the outer walls and the green room. He also dig new levels and add a dome that is used by the dancers.

Sous les arches
Under the archs

The main room, completely black, has also been redesigned and is contained in a suspended carbon shell to improve the acoustics of the hall.

The muses
The Opera muses

On the opera house fronton, 8 muses have been placed (Uranie, the ninth one was removed to respect the symetry of the building).

The green house
The green house

The green house is decorated by uncompleted painted ceilings (the painter had not been fully paid!).

The Croix-Rousse district
The Croix-Rousse district

The opera house dome, that is illuminated during the shows accordingly to the music, contains training rooms for the dancers. It offers a beautiful view on the town hall and the Croix-Rousse district.

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