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Lion, place Bellecour
Bellecour square : a technical lion with wings by Georges Faure

Between june and september 2004, 60 lions designed by 60 modern artists where exposed in 60 different areas of Lyon and surprised the
In those pages, you may discover some of them...

Frédérique Fleury's lion
Bellecour square : Frédérique Fleury's lion

Lion, République square Lion, République square
Two lions [se defier] near the Republic street fountain.

Lion, Antonin Poncet square
Antonin Poncet square, a lion that is not made of wood by Mireille Fulpius

Lion, place Antonin Poncet
Proudly standing in front of the Rhone river, the beautiful Françoise Granger's lion,
(unfortunately ).

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