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Jacobins square
Jacobins square

The name of that place reminds us the fact that a dominican monastery was established there. In 1316, the pope Jean XXII was elected there in a church thta has been destroyed since. The fontain erected in 1866 by the architect Gaspard André and the sculptor Charles Delaplanche is a tribute to some of the famous artists of Lyon :

  • Philibert Delorme (1510-1570) great Renaissance architect (see the Delorme gallery in Lyon)
  • Gérard Audran (1640-1703) Louis XIV engraver that worked in the Gobelins manufacture.
  • Guillaume Coustou aka "l'ancien" (1677-1746) sculptor that designed the famous "chevaux de Marly" and the Saône and the Rhône statues on the Bellecour square.
  • Hippolyte Flandrin (1809-1864) painter, an Ingres disciple that is famous for its churches paintings.
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