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Guignol theater door
Guignol theater door

Today the Mercière street is famous for its dozens of restaurant, but one should be able to go further to admire the beautiful Renaissance houses and its nice traboules

Mercière street traboule
Mercière street traboule

A traboule allows you to go through from the 58 of the Mercière street to the 27 on the Saint Antoine quay. There, you can admire a beautiful triple gallery and nice well.

Well and stairs   Vaults

Behind the first door of the 29/30 Saint Antoine Quay, you will discover a surprising Guignol theater door. (See detail at the top of the page)

Guignol theater door
Guignol theater door

Close to the door, you can find a very calm and pleasant courtyard.

Courtyard   Courtyard

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