Objectif Lyon : Change square 

Old Lyon

Trois maries street
Saint-Jean cathedral
Boeuf street
Juiverie street
Change square
Fourvière basilica
Law court
Bombarde street
Soleil house
Gouvernement square
Turquet dead end street
5th district town hall
Lainerie street

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Loge du Change
Loge du Change

The "Loge du Change" was erected during the XVIth century and was used by the merchants during the fairs. It
was modified by Jean-Baptiste Roche, according to the plans drawn by the famous Jacques-Germain Soufflot.
During the revolution it was turned into a restaurant. Finally it became a chapel in 1803.

Thomassin house
Thomassin house

The Thomassins were rich leading citizens and resailers in Lyon . They bought that house to the
duc of Fuers. In the same house, you could find XIIIth century painted ceilings, and architectural
elements from the XVth, XVIIth and XIXth centuries.

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