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Boeuf street
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Lainerie street

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The rue du Boeuf (Ox street), that was given its name because of a statue that is installed on one of its wall, contains several "traboules" and courtyards that are representative of the Renaissance architecture in Lyon.

Crible house
Crible house

The Crible house was built during the french Renaissance but its beautiful stair was built during the XVIIth century.

Croppet house
Croppet house

The Croppet family was a powerful familly of Lyon (they came originaly from Germany) and was well known for its lawyers and its traders.

courtyard   courtyard
Two courtyards of the Boeuf street

The first courtyard allows you to go from the 31 of the Boeuf steet to the 10 or the 14 of the Bombarde street.

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