OC - Introduction

One more web site rather useless, that contains a heavy load of dead links,
"in construction" sections and other classical goodies of the WWW.   :-)

Nevertheless, welcome!

The "Links" page contains a set of the basic links that I consider as necessary for surfing on the net.
The "Preferences" page contains also a high number of links but they correspond to the ones
that  I use constantly, that I appreciate or that correspond to my interests.

The "Cheeses" page gives you the addresses of two sites that I have created
and that are dedicated to cheeses (Camembert and other norman cheeses).
The "Rouen" page displays some of the pictures of my mother town I have taken over the years.
The "Lyon" page is dedicated to the town I am currently living in.

On the "Resume" page you will find a brief  resume
and on the "Picture" you will find a photo of myself!

That's all, folks!