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Voilà une liste de liens qui sont en rapport  avec mes centres d'interêt. Vous pouvez lire l'ensemble du texte comme une sorte de présentation , ou bien sauter directement sur le chapitre qui vous intéresse...

Normandy , news , Books , Movies , ICPI Lyon , Cartoons , Music , Board games , Something completely different!


Since the beginning  of my "exile" far from normandy,  I become more and more nostalgic, I miss the green vertes plaines, the white cliffs, my good old town of  Rouen  and the walk by its cathedral and its churches.
I have even written two web sites dedicated to the norman products that I miss the camembert and the other Norman cheeses. For the other products, you can visit this online market here.
Read many articles about the Normandy in a site that you can (and must) complete. You may also study its glorious past and the norman worlds or simply prepare your touristical trip in Normandy. You can also explore the glorious past and the life of the norman abbayes such as Saint Wandrille, the Bec Hellouin or the famous Mont Saint Michel.



It's difficult to forget  your studies especially if they last many years. For me, these years are associated  to the ICPI Lyon an engineer school  which became CPE-Lyon. It also means a lot of friends that became anciens de CPE.

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Well, let's get rid of the nostalic mood of the last paragraph and let's go back to the real world! "To keep in touch with the world" you're supposed to stay in touch with the latest news! When I've got some time, I like to read the articles of t New York Times, (which has a good "Books" sections and wonderful political cartoons).

The Le Monde and Figaro give you daily a snapshot of the french news! You can receive many scientific information by subscribing to France Science.

For the radio, I used to listen to RTL and Francis Zegut on the evening! But now I would rather listen Le Mouv' and France Inter.



Apart from working I'd like to goto the movies when I can, even if I am far from being a movies specialist. When I was younger, I really liked the Ridley Scott films (Legend, Duellists, Blade runner), Kenneth Branagh's ones (Hamlet, Peter's friend,...). You must also mention, Apocalypse now, Cyrano, Les tontons flingueurs,  Brazil, les vestiges du jour, le temps de l'innocence, Dead Again...
I enjoy the Télérama ctitics, and often disagrees with the Premiere one's   :-) ....

You can't afford to miss Monty Python film; I also like Sci-Fi movies Star Wars, "Gatacca", "soleil vert" ... even if I'd rather reading Sci-Fi than watching it.

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I am really fond of reading althougth my library is still rather small. Here is a list of some of my favorite writers sometimes associated with  the name of their books that I liked. Dostoievski , William Shakespeare , Victor Hugo , Primo Levi, , Thackeray , Thomas Mann , Alexandre Vialatte , Albert Camus , Jack Kerouac , Milan Kundera , Paul Auster

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I am not really a fan of comics, but some series. I am particularly  fond of  Les cités obscures by Schuiten & Peeters, charming books with a real intelligence and many cultural and architectural references. I also liked the Blake et Mortimer and Corto Maltese adventures.
If I do like to read the Astérix and Obelix series , I am a fan of Achille Talon a person that embodies many of our qualities and  many many of our defaults! Finaly I appreciate the "far side gallery" cartoons of Gary Larson...



Young it was U2, later Pearl Jam , but nowadays I am fond of Counting Crows , John Mellencamp , Nada Surf , Heather Nova , Tori Amos , Blankass , Cabrel , Violent Femmes and these days Guster, Ben Folds,...
Well, no classical music except some operas.

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Board games

I would like to have more time to play, since I have recently re-discovered the virtues of the board games...
Board game geek (in English) , Tric-Trac (in French) and to buy Philibert, Ludibay, and Jocade...


Straight razor

Tired of your old razor, what about making it a bit more exciting... "Green", cheaper and really sharp! Coupe-Chou Club & Straight Razor Place.


Something completely different!
As a journalist would say "on the web, you can fin everything...", and that's true that there are some strange gates to go througth.
First help the Mouvement d'Emancipation des Nains de Jardin that tries to prevent the rights of the garden dwarfs  . And who remebers, the beavers scratch, the Groquik and dozens of other web sites...