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1996 Graduated from the ICPI Lyon, (Institute of Industrial Chemistry and Physics) in the Microelectronics and Data Processing Department.
Option subject: Computer science and Image processing.



Since June 2005 Handica.com / Handicap.fr
Associated Chief Technology Officer.
In charge of the upgrade and the maintenance of the web site and more specifically the releases of the of new versions of Handicap.fr : It covers :
- the XHTML upgrade
- the PHP5 upgrade
- the creation of new web services (SOAP)
- the management of embedded micro-formats
- the Apache set-up
- the search engines optimization
- the writings / upgrades of several modules
- the writings of detailed specifications for external modules
Several other web sites managed or developped for our customers


October 2002 - May 2005 Adecco IT Services (Adecco Information Technology Services)
Application maintenance under PeopleSoft 7.5 and 8.4 for the AR/AP/GL/BI modules of the various implementations of the corporation (SQR, PeopleCode, Crystal Report, Application Engine).
Creation of a connector in Perl for a LDAP directory (iPlanet/CriticalPath).
Creation of Python scripts that format data files for our ETL systems.
Development of web sites under MS-CMS.
People Soft 8.4 trainings.
Application maintenance in PHP.


July 2001 - september 2002 Acti. In charge of the development of the dynamic pages of several web sites (Graphics, links database, BB, chat, forms, session management, extranet, newsletter). Good knowledges of PHP, often used with MySQL databases to generate complete information systems.
Good knowledges of DreamWeaver, and HTML (especially 4.01 strict version).
I also worked on some parts of Zope portals.
Basic knowledges of Python and Perl.
Example : http://www.handica.com/ (Backoffice and Frontoffice PHP functions)


May 1999 - June 2001 I was working for Adecco ITS (Adecco Information Technology Services) as a developper on the Global Financials project. I worked more specifically on the PeopleSoft AR (Account Receivables) module. This includes the customization of panels through Application Designer and the writing of various SQR reports and processes. I also used the Oracle SQL+ and PL/SQL tools.
Member of the Performance Team that was in charge of the tuning and the improvement of the overall perfomance. This included the modification of several SQR reports and some Application Engine processes (such as the AR Update). I have also worked on the archiving project and several simulation tests.


1999 Setaram Lyon (4 mois). Updated and improved a software dedicated to the supervision of an pre-baked anode furnace used in the aluminium smelter plant.
Project realised both in Visual C++ and in Visual Basic, part of the data were strored in an Access database. I also worked with the Rainbow and Aladdin dongles. I  wrote a  part of the detailled specifications and of the platform test book.


1998 Alcatel (1 year) in the Illkirch development team working on the conception and the implementation of a PC-based PBX. I was a member of the team responsible of the configuration application.
Creation of a COM server communicating with the heart of the call-handling system. This server was implemented on NT 4 using VC++ in COM and using the STL. Object oriented conception using UML using the Rational Rose software. In charge of the "Trace events" system.


1996-97 Coopérant du service national scientifique (CSN-STS) at the Peripheral System Laboratory(LSP) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. ( 16 months). Creation of an image parallel access library using the PS˛ file system developped in the laboratory and programmed using the LSP C++ language extension: CAP (Computer Aided Paralleziation). Pre-treatment of the visible human data-set. Different software using these images computed under Visual C++5.0. English documentation of the CAP language in TexInfo and of the Image Server library in Frame Maker. Assistant during the practical Pascal langage course.


1996 End of studies project at the LSP Realization of the image oriented client under Windows 95/NT programmed in Visual C++. This interface allows the user to quickly browse through large images (>100MB) on a single PC. The management of the image parallel accesses from the disks was done by the former parallel file system developped in the LSP: MDFS.


1995 Realisation and carrying out of a supervision system extension, for three months at the SATMA (a subsidiary company of Pechiney)
That application allows quicker decision making and a statistical control of the process.
It was programmed in C under HP/UX (for the supervision system CIMPLICITY) and on a General Electic Automaton.

Internship at SAGEM, employee at the production and the control of numeric coding machines for 2 months.
Internship at "La Quinoléďne", a former Ciba-Geigy subsidiary company. 2x1 month.


Languages PHP, SQL, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, Python, C, C++, Pascal, SQR, Visual Basic.
Softwares Word, Excel, Power Point, Emacs, DreamWeaver, Paint Shop Pro, Edit Plus....


English Fluent English
TOEIC: score 920 (Listening 490, Reading 430) in may 2001.
TOEFL: score 597 in february 1995.
Cambridge First Certificate: A grade


  Webmaster of web sites dedicated to city of Rouen, the city of Lyon, and to the camembert cheese.
Fond of reading.