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Saint-Bruno : the ciborium
Saint-Bruno : the ciborium

Soon it appeared that the Carthusian monks who were going to the "Grand Chartreuse" needed to make a halt in Lyon. For that reason , king Henri III empowered the monks to build a new charterhouse in 1584. Mandelot (the Lyon governor) build the Giroflée buildings and created the new carthusian monastery "Lys-saint-Esprit". The buildings and the chapel were designed by Jean Maignan, and modified by Jean Delamonce

Saint Bruno nave
The nave

In 1738, Soufflot built the wonderful ciborium (designed by Servandoni), and draw the high altar. During the Revolution, the church was closed and it was in the end bought by the cardinal Flesh, Napoleon uncle, that founded the Saint Bruno parish.

La façade

At that period, the barooque facade has not been erected yet. It was finally built by Bossan and Sainte Marie Perrin in 1871.

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