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Tony Garnier urban museum
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The HBM district
The HBM district

In 1920, Tony Garnier, the famous Lyon architect was appointed by Edouard Herriot to design a popular district "HBM" (Habitat à bon marché / Low cost flats).The project was often modified for technical and financial reasons : the blocks of flats contain five floors instead of three, and they are closer than that was planned. Nevertheless the district is rather pleasant and is a good example of a XXth century town planning.

The begining of the XXth century    Edouard Herriot hospital
Wall paintings

Between 1980 and 1988, that district was renovated and decorated with huge wall paintings. These paintings evoke the work of Tony Garnier, and more specifically the HBM district, the Lyon harbor, the Gerland stadium and the Tony Garnier market.... It is then renamed "Tony Garnier urban museum".

Tony Garnier market    An indian town
Wall paints

Six foreign painters were selected to represent one of the town of their motherland as they see it.

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